Editor and digital content creator

Museum content: contributed to the creation of two physical exhibitions, all printed collateral, self-guided tour brochures

Digital content: videos, digital tours, podcast, social media, blog posts, editorial director, digital exhibition, archival photo curator, ed kits, website content

Programming: Tavern Week, Long Room 50th, Tavern Tastings, Washington Week, Washington's Farewell Celebration

SRNY content: for nonprofit organization that owns and operates the Museum. Ball video, ball journal, misc. projects as needed, event support, copyright compliance

Marketing manager

Oversee all aspects of marketing including:

managing google ad grant, digital and print advertising, social media advertising for all museum programs, events, exhibitions, and digital content. developed extensive year-long exhibition marketing plan for two exhibitions, integrated existing social media strategy into exhibition marketing plan. Track analytics and used them to regularly revise marketing strategies. Manage press relations and outreach, supervise in-Museum filming and photography. Liaise with FTR on joint marketing efforts and cross promotional projects. Oversee all e-communications and efforts to grow mailing list.

Communications & Marketing Manager at Fraunces Tavern® Museum